Auto Accidents in Nashville

It’s unfortunate that Nashville has one of the highest crash rates resulting in injury within the state of Tennessee. In fact, the number of crashes that occur in our city happens to exceed a large majority of the cities in Tennessee.

While some of us are fortunate enough to only experience minor injury in a car wreck, there are many experience major, permanent injury or even death. The loss or injury of a loved one is a crushing blow for everyone around that person.

Davidson county and the city of Nashville are rough when it comes to auto accidents resulting in injury. It’s important that you’re in touch with a competent Nashville car accident lawyer for this matter. Having a competent auto injury attorney in Nashville could mean the difference between getting compensated and taking a major loss.

Top 5 Nashville Car Accident Lawyers

We compiled a short list of who we believe are the top 5 auto accident attorneys in Nashville, and here they are:

  • Bartlett Law Offices (615) 415-0542
  • Stillman & Friedland (615) 270-1432
  • Rocky McElhaney (615) 425-2500
  • Ponce Law (615) 551-2685
  • John Day (615) 742-4880

There are hundreds of accidents that occur in Nashville and the surrounding cities. Below you’ll find auto accidents that are occurring in real time.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Getting in a car accident with a commercial vehicle could have devastating effects. Commercial vehicle accidents can occur for many reasons. In some cases the person operating the vehicle may not be properly trained in driving. He may not even have a driver’s license. The person operating the vehicle could be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sometimes a commercial car crash can be just plain negligence. Whatever the case may be, be sure to let your Nashville car accident attorney know when you speak with them.

Commercial vehicle accidents may also include:

  • Semi-truck accidents (big truck wrecks)
    • UPS truck accidents
    • FedEx truck accidents
    • Cintas truck accidents
    • Fuel tanker truck accidents
  • Police vehicle accidents
  • Mail carrier accidents
  • Fire truck accidents
  • Uber driver accidents
  • Lyft driver accidents
  • Bus accidents
    • School bus accidents
    • MTA bus accidents
  • Contractor vehicle accidents
    • Cement truck accidents
    • Garbage truck accidents