Experienced Cement Truck Accident Attorneys

Anybody who has ever seen a cement truck knows that they can pose a serious threat in the case of poor road conditions or reckless driving. These large trucks can have safety problems that could cause serious injuries and even death when accidents happen.

If you have been in an accident with a cement truck, contact an attorney who has experience in handling cement truck cases. The other party will have their own experts to try and defend their case against you. Having someone on your side that’s ready to fight for you could make a significant impact on your case.

Cement Truck Accident Lawsuits Call For Good Accident Lawyers

Attempting to take care of the situation on your own can be very tricky and you might find that it could be unfruitful. Getting the full compensation you deserve is something a cement truck accident attorney can help with. These cases can be very complex, so contact a lawyer for help.

Why Do Cement Trucks Crash?

Unlike the smaller cars we drive every day in Nashville and throughout Tennessee, cement trucks are very large, heavy and unsteady. They have a high center of gravity, which can make them roll over because of uneven weight distribution.

These bulky trucks can have accidents even at low speeds while a driver is making a turn. What’s worse, employees driving these trucks can sometimes be in a hurry to get to their destination, while their line of vision may be limited due to blind spots.

Some other points to consider in these accidents is that there could be a potential for:

  • The driver may driving under the influence of intoxicants.
  • The driver is aggressive on the road and making reckless decisions.
  • The vehicle may have defective parts resulting in loss of full control.
  • The driver may have little experience or could even be fatigued or distracted.

Whatever the case may be, a competent attorney will dig into the details to get to the bottom of your cement truck accident.

What To Do After an Accident with a Cement Truck?

Be ready to get an attorney to help defend your rights. The trucking company will be working to defend against whatever case you bring agains them, and there’s a chance that they have a team of legal representation to do that. They may even bring a team to the scene of the accident to get started shortly after it happens.

That said, here are some important points to keep in mind following your collision:

  • Get medical attention – The rush of adrenaline that takes place after an accident might make your injuries appear mild. By calling 911 you ask for immediate medical attention and have your injuries looked at more closely. Seeing a doctor will also help uncover injuries that may be difficult to see on an immediate basis.
  • Make an official report – Get with the police at the scene and file an official report. The report you file will have important information for your claim.
  • Take pictures – It’s easier these days to get photos of an accident with the technology we have in cell phones. Get pictures of the vehicles, the area, and any physical injuries.
  • Connect with witnesses – Getting contact info of witnesses will make it easier to get in touch with them if needed in the future, or if your attorney needs anything from them. You can also collect names of the first responders at the scene.
  • Get an experienced lawyer – As mentioned earlier, these cases can be tricky to attempt to handle on your own. Someone experienced in dealing with these matters may be able to significantly assist you in your case.
  • Keep records – Give a copy of your police report to your attorney. Keep record of expenses resulting from your accident such as lost wages, time off work, travel expenses, medical expenses and any other costs related to your injuries.

For more information on what to do after a cement truck accident, please be sure to contact an attorney. You don’t have to go down this path on your own.