In Nashville, driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or any intoxicating substance is punishable by law. The law is strictly implemented in Nashville as more often than not, drunk drivers and intoxicated drivers are the cause of most vehicular accidents that result in severe injuries or worse, death. This is a cause of concern as drunk driving or driving with impairment (DWI) has been linked as the highest cause of accidental death in the region.



            A research study published in the journal of Injury Prevention showed that even with a minimal buzz of alcohol, drivers still showed dangerous driving behavior. Under Nashville Law, a driver must exceed a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08% to be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or a BAC level of more than 0.07% to be charged with driving with impairment (DWI).

However, it was reported in Nashville that 46% of most accidents are from drunk drivers who still did not cross the line of legal intoxication, which means they have not exceeded the legal limit to be under the penalty of DUI or DWI. This is very alarming and must be given careful consideration.

According to Nashville Law, a driver must take necessary care upon deciding to drive with or without passengers, and must be sensitive at all times to the welfare of others on the road and pedestrians. Drunk driving is an inconsiderate act and is and should always be illegal.



To recover sufficient damages for drunk driving in Nashville, a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08% or higher is not enough. By law, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the drunk driver was negligent and was the major cause of the accident. This is where an expert Nashville Drunk Driving Lawyer comes in. A competent Nashville Attorney could assist you in filing a civil claim against the drunk driver and help you recover damages for the drunk driver’s negligence that you deserve.

It is important to understand that a drunk driver could try to place some, if not all of the blame on you. He may say that you also contributed to the accident. When proven, you may not get any type of damages from the drunk driver, but an expert Nashville lawyer could come under your defense and will be prepared in utilizing all available evidences against the drunk driver, such as from witness statements, photos of the scene, or police reports, and other types of evidence which could help support your case.