When two cars or trucks forcefully hit each other coming from opposite directions, this is what they call head-on collision. Head-on collision is probably the most fatal type of car accident based on the extent of damage it brings not only to the persons involved in the collision, but also to the car or truck. Statistically in Nashville, 18% of all fatal wrecks are due to head-on collisions on highways or intersections. These accidents can cause some of the most severe injuries or even death.


Head-on collisions can be caused by one or many things. For example, this can happen when one enters a highway and attempt to pass another moving vehicle crossing the center line and entering the lane of an incoming vehicle; Two, when one enters a highway or freeway in the wrong direction; or Three, when a car is moving on a one-way street. Also, there are a number of reasons why a driver ends up in the wrong direction or lane resulting a head-on collision. Primarily, this could either be because they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of collision, they are impaired by fatigue and somewhat distracted, like for example; texting while driving.


Nashville Law generally covers all persons or properties involved in any type of car accident. Instantly after a car accident, you are probably still in a bit of a shock, but you must first and foremost alleviate safety concerns. Check for injuries which resulted from the accident, or if it resulted in any deaths, and call 911 or any kind of help that is available at the scene.

Afterwards, a Traffic Collision Report must be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if the car accident resulted to loss of life or a property damage of more than $1,000. If the police officer already did that for you, you need not file yourself.

Ultimately, Nashville law on car accidents stresses on safety first and all drivers must act with due diligence to keep themselves and their passengers safe and do what they possibly can under any circumstance to avoid any kind of accident.



Any person or family members involved in a head-on collision is put on high risk for extensive injuries and even death. Either way, this could mean high future medical bills and other financial obligations in Nashville. Nevertheless, the person injured by the negligent driver of another car may make a claim for monetary compensation for losses caused by the accident.

So whenever you or someone you know got caught up in a head-on-collision in the Nashville area, call a Nashville car accident lawyer to help you with different legal concerns. Head-on collision needs quick investigation and would most likely need proper documentation and proper preservation of physical evidences that could undoubtedly affect one’s claims. So don’t forget to call an experienced attorney today!